Vodafone VFD100 firmware and flashing steps

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VFD100 (Probably the same called Kicka VE at Pep Stores) is an MT6572 device that is flashable through the well know SP Flash Tool. Steps on how to get about together with how the ROM or firware pack can be obtained are on the answer section below.

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  1. First download and install/extract the following: SP Flash Tool
  2. Source the ROM from here: http://roms.satechhelp.co.za/product/vodafone-vfd100-firmwarerom-mt6572/ ... download and extract its archieve
  3. Install the MediaTek Preloader USB VCOM drivers as per the tutorial here
  4. Launch the SP Tool from the extracted folder
  5. Click on the Download tab
  6. Click 'Scatter-Loading' > browse to and locate the scatter file from your extracted firmware files
  7. Make sure 'Preloader.bin' is unticked (not checked).
  8. With the VFD100 turned off and disconnected, click on the Download button
  9. Remove and replace the battery and then connect the VFD200 to the computer via a compatible USB so computer can detect and connect to its system
  10. The flashing process should then start with progress bars and you should get a green cycle with a white tick and the text 'Download OK' when the flashing is completed. At which stage you can safely disconnect the your Vodafone VFD100 device and power it on for a re-setup.

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answered Dec 1, 2016 by Kervin Genius
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