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Where and How to source a Replacement Part for my Mobile Phone in South Africa

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I need to purchase a replacement part for my mobile phone. Where do I start?

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It is common to have our dearly beloved mobile phones' hardware failing or accidentally getting damaged sooner or later from the date of purchase - making it partly or wholly unusable (giving rise to a need to purchase a replacement phone). Typical examples would be a fuzzy speaker sound, a broken/cracked digitizer, a defect microphone, a mute speaker, an unresponsive keypad, an unresponsive track-pad, an unresponsive touch screen, failure to power on, or a battery that will hardly hold a charge. Well, as small as mobile phones get in size, their prices are normally not equally small but often considerable - meaning that obtaining a replacement phone can often involve a huge financial sacrifice. Fortunately, mobile phones, like many electronics, are made up of numerous separate parts put together. This means that, the phone's full functionality may be restored by simply having the affected and now defect part replaced with a functional one!
Where to Buy?
Locating where the possibly defect part can be sourced/purchased can be problematic at times if information is not available.
Well, (Africa's Largest Online Marketplace) offers a last selection of mobile phone replacement parts. They have the following page lists:
How do I find my part from the bidorbuy list
There is a search tool below the bidorbuy logo with text that reads "Seach within results". Place your cursor in that field and type both your device's model number and part name - eg. "Samsung Galaxy S4 Touch Digitalizer" and hit the search/microscope icon and look through the now narrowed results.
How to Buy the Part?
You can buy or bid for your desired part when found from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered at your desired address. You can pay for it using an EFT, a direct deposit or bobBucks credits. Please allow 3-7 business days for normal counter to counter insured parcel delivery, 24-48hrs for Speed Services and 24-48hrs via Courier to door.
• Post office Counter to Counter-Insured parcel (3-7 business days) + 3% insurance
+/-R45.00 for the first item
additional items free
Insurance is charged at an additional 3.00% of the order value
• Speed Services Post to your Post Office Counter - Any location in SA (24-72 hrs) +3% Insurance.
+/-R75.00 for the first item
additional items free
Insurance is charged at an additional 3.00% of the order value
What if I do not find my phone models's Part on BidorBuy
Well, do not despair if that happens as there are still other sites that may be able to assist on your part quest. Below is a list of other sites that offers mobile phone replacement parts in/around South Africa.
If you still cannot locate your desired part from any of the above mentioned sites, then simply comment under this blog post with your device's model number and the desired part name and we'll try and assist. Do not part ways with the beloved device for a non compelling reason!
YouTube has videos on how to disassemble several phone models - which videos you can find handy after the part purchase!
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Software Reloading

We offer software reloading to both smart phones, tablets and selected feature phone with corrupted firmware (freezing or hanging on the logo or malfunctions during use - or if infected by virus, malware or adware), forgotten security credentials like Privacy Protection Password, Last synced Google Account and Lock codes. From as little as R100.


If you have access to a computer with internet, we can reload the software for you remotely. Payment should be made prior to the software rework. NB. Please go through the below requirements You need to be willing to pay the R100 into an account we provide You need to have access to a computer Your computer need to have access to the internet for remote connection and download of necessary files Payment to be made before hand For assistance with resetting lost or forgotten locks, we will need you to provide us with the device's IMEI as well If you meet the above terms, then please Contact Us to book a remote flashing. Please include the model of your your phone and the reason for flashing need. We can also provide you with our Whatsapp number if you can access that from another phone.


If you do not have access to a computer, we could send our courier to come and collect the phone/tablet from you at an extra fee - we then reload the software and send it back to you. We will need the shipping fee of about R150 paid in as a down payment. If you are OK with the above, then please Contact Us to book a service-center based flashing. Please include the model of your phone and the reason for flashing need.

Mobile Phone Replacement Parts

We have a dedicated subdomain here that offers replacement LCDs, digitizers and related parts for your smartphone & tablets. If you do not find the part you want there, submit a question here and we will advise as to how else you may find help.

Other Replacement Parts

Simple post your Question HERE We'll then help you find new/used replacement parts for your appliance around South Africa or abroad for free.

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