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How to enable Privacy Protection Password?

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Privacy Protection Password (PPP) is a very secure security setting called "ANTI-THEFT MOBILE" which enables the owner to lock his/her phone/tablet and and or wipe data on the the phone/tablet remotely should it be stolen or lost.

Follow the instructions below to activate Privacy Protection Password (PPP).
1. Go to Settings=> Security=> Mobile anti-theft.
 2. Enter your PIN (6-12 digits).
3. Touch "Next".
4. Set emergency contacts.
 Emergency contacts are used to send remote control commands.
When SIM cards are changed, notifications will be sent to emergency contacts via SMS.
The SMS will be: My mobile may be stolen please keep the sender number of this message.
5. Touch "Next".
6. Check "Backup the remote control commands to emergency contacts via SMS". This will work for you incase you forgot the Remote control commands.
7. Touch "Done" after this your phone will auto send and SMS to all emergency contacts that you have used durings setup.The SMS will be: I opened the phone anti-theft feature, your phone number has been setup as an emergency contact number, the phone is lost so that it is possible to remotely control it.
Here are the instructions:
Remote lock: #suoding#
Remote date destruction: #xiaohui#
Forgot your password: #mima#

NB: It wise to use one of your phone number as emergecy contact.
NOTE: Your Mobile anti-theft Pin is your Privacy Protection Password.
NB: Make sure to write down your Mobile anti-theft pin in a paper and file it. you might have to  contact your Support Cellular center for assistance once you forgot it.

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