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New questions often answered in 5 minutes

How to order a link from our subdomain and donate through Monegram

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We do not accept MoneyGram directly but you can buy bitcoins trough MoneyGram and then send us that afterward. Below are steps on how you can buy $2.5 worth of bitcoins and send that to us as donation for a ROM link. Bitcoins are a 'virtual' currently you can only keep on an online wallet or PC software wallet. You do not have to physically hold them on hand.

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I suggest you buy 2.5$ worth of bitcoins with MoneyGram and then send that (the bitcoins) to us as donation for the desired link after. Do that in this way:

  1. Go here: and create a free account
  2. Then go here: > and on the left field marked 'USD' type: 2.5
  3. And then you click the green button with the text: Send trade request
  4. You will then be provided with details to send the funds at a Moneygram office - you will have 270 minutes to deposit the funds and mark payment as completed.
  5. You then need to scan and email the receipts to the email address supplied there.

After receiving the bitcoins, contact us from here: for assistance with sending the purchased bitcoins. Our bitcoin address (account number) is available on demand

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