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hi is there a sms number to check balances on Sassa pensions please

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Hi I'm Natashja I want to know are the pensioners getting payout today again for desember and what is the number to sms for a balance check on sassa card please

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Hi. Yes there is a USSD to dial to check your SASSA balance. You will need to dial this USSD code from the cell number your registered or associated with your SASSA account. The USSD code to dial is: *120*69277# Sadly no. The grant collection still in progress even today (ending tomorrow on the 16th) is the same one that started on the 26th of Nov. All of which is summarised to be the Dec first's grant payout. The next grant payout should be expected between the 27th and the 31st of Dec. It is only possible to check your SASSA account balance using the issued MasterCard at an ATM sadly.

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Good morning must i register some where to check my sassa balace per sms