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Support Limitations

For 'Christian religious' reasons, we will not be able offer tech support for the following products and service either wholly or in part

  • Music Download
  • Movies (Virtually all movies related questions)
  • Games (certain games or gaming consoles related questions)
  • TV (certain TV related questions)
  • Facebook ( Facebook related questions - like uploading photos & videos)
  • Blue-Ray
  • DSTV/Top TV (Almost all satellite or cable broadcasting related questions)
  • SABC (Certain SABC related question)
  • Hacking
  • Applications (certain apps and programs of any OS platform)
  • Video Streaming services like Netflix, Roku, and similar services (support for YouTube will be in part)
  • DVD Players (certain DVD Players related questions)

If we at any time link you to this page, then you should take it that your particular question falls under such as we are unable to offer support for even if your question's focus is not explicit from the list above. This list is subject to extension as often as need shall be deemed necessary.