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Open answered Aug 31 in Computers & Internet by Thom Genius (36.6m points) tagged:
hi where can i get the swap magic v3.8 for playstation 2? thanks
Open answered Jul 21 in Hp by Thom Genius (36.6m points) tagged:
Hi I want to change my youtube video background to black How can i change it on windows 10? All videos i look at with internet explorer shows a white background (top and bottom)
Open answered Jul 12 in Computers & Internet by Thom Genius (36.6m points) tagged:
Open answered Jul 9 in Hp by Thom Genius (36.6m points) tagged:
Hi In windows 7 i copied all my cd's on the laptop. I only did not type all detail in Is there any program that can automatically place my music in each artist folder name with the song name and detail ? Thanks
Open answered Jun 22 in Hp by Harry Master (936k points) tagged:
hi i want to assist a handy man with doing a 3d drawing for them of what they want to build in the house what is the easiest program to use on windows 7 drawing circles and blocks all that kinda stuff thanks
Open answered May 1 in Computers & Internet by Thom Mhazi Maphang 1 (Expert) (69.2k points) tagged:
Hi Where can i get decent mind mystery hidden object games without that word search type I want a fully mystery game searching what to do where. I do not like reading what i have to find Thanks
Open answered Apr 17 in Lenovo by Moderator (Expert) (162k points) tagged:
Hi Laptop reads the modem but unable to do connection I received no error code
Open asked Apr 17 in Hp by Johnny tagged:
Hi My laptop hp620 i receive no display I have removed the cpu place back in I removed the battery on motherboard and placed back I took out the ram then tested 1 and none I have tried the power holding for 1 min All those done the screen still stays black even using a vga cable i have no screen. The fan runs easily the hdd runs the cd driver reads cd as it spins my keyboard shows light so i suppose thats fine I only do not receive display
Open answered Apr 16 in Computers & Internet by Thom Genius (36.6m points) tagged:
Hi My laptop does not start suddenly When the power cable is plugged in the blue lights get on and it sounds like the hdd is running Just the screen stays black and the fan not running I have tried using a vga cable on another screen but still nothing What can the solution be please?
Open answered Apr 3 in Hp by Thom Genius (36.6m points) tagged:
Hi I wanted to test my hdd on another laptop so i used sysprep Problem is now that i want to place it back on my old laptop the sysprep.exe keep showing error, what can i do to eject the hdd that it will run on my other laptop
Open answered Feb 27 in Computers & Internet by Thom Genius (36.6m points) tagged:
Hi Could you assist me to connect my smart tv to a wifi hotspot Tv info Hisense LED Backlight tv Model: LEDN55XT780X3DS Thank you
Open answered Jan 8 in Yahoo by Thom Genius (36.6m points) tagged:
I forgot my mobicel email after resetting it and can't go home screen
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