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Open asked Apr 6 in Hp by anonymous 28 views tagged:
How do i bypass any registration ? As i hate it to retype the same code just on a new pc . I tried copping the registerd app to new pc and still its a Must to retype
Solved answered Mar 25 in Hp by Thom Guru 14 views tagged:
Hi i have a hp620 My earphone sound is somehow set as speaker , so when i test speaker sound my laptop speakers run . How do i set the sound settings to default that my speakers aint linked as earphones anymore
Open answered Jan 4 in Hp by Kervin Genius 28 views tagged:
I am testing the html text and want to develope my own web site now i want to just test it online . Is there any web to link my script and see how it runs online ? (free testing) thanks
hp pavilion g6 laptop i can hear all the parts starting inside laptop but no graphics and the capslock button keeps flashing I changed the ram and cpu with no success
The only key on my keyboard that does not work. Any thought?
I have an Hp 550 laptop and both the touch pad press buttons are essentially bad. I thinks I can replace the part myself - I just need help with where I can order a replacement. Muchas Gracias.
Solved answered Sep 9, 2015 in Hp by Kervin Genius 134 views tagged:
Do I have a mic on my Hp 550 or will I have to connect and use an external one on the port/jack? Thanks
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