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I applied for a loan a few years back and was given the green card. I now want to go back to using the SASSA card. What is required from me for the change? Tshedza
Open answered 2 days ago in Grindrod (SASSA) by Mr tech Professional 120 views tagged:
Open answered 5 days ago in Grindrod (SASSA) by Thom Genius 16 views tagged:
Open answered Dec 8 in Grindrod (SASSA) by Harry Guru 38 views tagged:
I took a loan in August is it possible to get another loan before I finish paying for the one I took?
When is the SASSA payout for January 2018? 079 290 7135
Open asked Nov 30 in Grindrod (SASSA) by Mandie Lombard 16 views tagged:
My mom is quadriplegic and has problems with her card and are unable to visit an office. Can they come assist her at home in Pretoria and who do we contact?
My helper has lost the SASSA card for her elderly mother. where should she go to apply for a new card? Can you kindly message her on her mobile phone
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