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Solved answered Dec 7, 2016 in AG Chrome Swift Plus by Thom Guru
My phone is stuck on factory mode. The volume up and down is not responding. The touch is also down. The phone is only perfoming Auto Test and then stuck in Test Report. Please help. Phone model - AG Boost. S/N - L20151107510505.
Solved answered Jun 9, 2016 in AG Chrome Swift Plus by Kervin Genius
Can I get AG swift plus battery in Brits?
hey guys, my phone stuck on factory mode and I cant be able to use it. please help on how do I fix it. I tried to press the volume button but its not working.AG Swift plus
Where can I buy a bettery for a AG SWIFT PLUS
My phone cannot download any apps its tells me I must close new tab. So I want to know how do I close the tab. The mobile name is a AG swift plus.
Solved answered Mar 24, 2016 in AG Chrome Swift Plus by Thom Guru
I did the pressing of the volume and power button but the volume button Still doesnt work im thinking of just taking it to vodacom phone shop for repairs , i wanted to take it back to the shop where i bought it but i can't find da slip eix
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