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Open answered Jun 8 in AG Chrome Ultra by Harry (Contributor)
My AG Mobile speaker has just been recently changed the screen and suddenly the loud speaker does not work (either playing music or as a loud speaker). How could I possibly fix this?
Open asked May 24 in AG Chrome Ultra by anonymous
My camera can't connect. I tried clearing cache data, downloading a 3rd party app, rebooting and pulling the battery, but no solution. Please help me.
Open answered May 12 in AG Chrome Ultra by Mr tech (Contributor)
The screen of my phone keeps on blanking off (shows no picture and becomes white) and at some time will come alive again. What could be the cause and how do I resolve this problem?
My camra icon is gone even aftee trying the a better camera app on Google play store it does not work i reset my factory data and now its gone completely please help
Solved answered Dec 9, 2016 in AG Chrome Ultra by Thom Guru
My camera icon is gone i reaet my factory data and it disappeared completely i tried downloading a better camera app but it does not work still even tried ... but it displays an error message please help i can't survive without my camera
Solved answered Nov 17, 2016 in AG Chrome Ultra by Thom Guru
I do remember my privacy protection password it was in a pattern and and my cell need it in numbers what can i do?AG mobile Ultra 2(Morongwa
I have an AG Ultra, and my phone only gives me factory mode with options of testing the device only. I cannot use the power or start button to reboot the ... Please advise on how to fix this problem in order to use my phone as normal?
Solved answered Nov 1, 2016 in AG Chrome Ultra by Thom Guru
My AG CHROME ULTRA powers on then screen freezers I've tried hard resetting and clearing cache problem still persist.Any advise on how I can solve the problem.
Solved answered Oct 20, 2016 in AG Chrome Ultra by ishaq_sagar4u (Contributor)
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