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When I switch on Bluetooth it immediately switches off
Open asked Jan 5 in AG Hashtag by anonymous
Open asked Dec 26, 2016 in AG Hashtag by Desilu
Hi, I'm not liking the search bar at the top of all my home screens, and I'd also like to change which one of my home screens is the main one (ie - when I press the circle it must go to the screen of my choosing.)
Solved answered Oct 15, 2016 in AG Hashtag by Thom Guru
Hi I'm looking for a replacement charging block for my AG Hashtag phone where can I find one. Please help. Heinrich
Solved answered Oct 7, 2016 in AG Hashtag by Thom Guru
Good day , I am looking for a screen for the AG #hashtag ?and what is the price ? Thank you
Solved answered Oct 2, 2016 in AG Hashtag by Thom Guru
Every time I make or receive a cal, people I call always complain about poor network coverage but the phone indicates that there is full network coverage. AG HashTag
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