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Open answered Dec 26, 2017 in AG Zoom by Thom Genius 38 views tagged:
Hello. I have an AG ZOOM phone and whenever i press and hold the the power button, the phone switches on and goes straight to Factory Mode. How do i deactivate the phone from the Factory Mode? Please help.
Open answered Sep 30, 2017 in AG Zoom by Harry Master 23 views tagged:
Hi i downloaded vroot on my p700v premio 5.1tablet but it do not want to root it keep saying failed what can I do to continue I tried kingoroot as well but still got the same
Any Idea how to Root the AG ZOOM? iRoot, Kingo, One Click Root, etc don't seem to want to do the trick. Both the .apk and PC versions. Pleases Help! Anybody? Thanks.
Solved answered Nov 26, 2016 in AG Zoom by Thom Genius 47 views tagged:
It does not wipe all the data, it just indicates NO to everything when wiping the data.What do I do?it says "This cannot be done".
Solved answered Nov 26, 2016 in AG Zoom by Thom Genius 28 views tagged:
My Google account has disappeared, and my phone need that Gmail. What can I do to open a new Gmail for it to work properly, as it is stuck, it cannot show phones menu.It is AG mobile Zoom
Solved answered Feb 9, 2016 in AG Zoom by Thom Genius 1.5k views tagged:
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