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Open asked 5 days ago in Other by CHAMBAL 8 views tagged:
i have subscribe % download VOLKANO TABLET MODEL:A730 firmware & flash the tablet its no longer turning on anymore is there any solutions?
Open answered Nov 6 in Other by Thom Guru 18 views tagged:
good day i have windows 8.1 32bit i have tried to get my drivers installed to flash the telc-93giq no succsess pls help
Open answered Oct 20 in Other by Harry (Expert) 80 views tagged:
Fnb conexisx1 puk code need help. Asap unblock phone
Open asked Oct 7 in Other by tech-Moosa 19 views tagged:
good day i flashed hurricane freedom using the rom provided by satech after flashing is done the screen is showing blank, and i did not flash with preloader ... please make sure the load matches the target. any help is appreciated thank you
herox tablet
Open asked Sep 30 in Other by anonymous 19 views tagged:
Cell c deluxe smartphone
Open answered Sep 6 in Other by Mikeswiss (Expert) 30 views tagged:
when trying to flash mobicell vivo sp flash tools give me this error S_FT_GET_MEMORY_FAIL.(0xFDA) CANT FIND MEMORY How do i fix this
Open answered Sep 4 in Other by Harry (Expert) 12 views tagged:
On my Verssed Motion E1.1 Tablet I get erors unfortunatly proce has stoped and unfortunatly you tube as stoped on home screen. I can't get to settings and my tablet keeps rebooting by itself. How do I resolve this?
Open answered Sep 4 in Other by Harry (Expert) 28 views tagged:
My hisense hsu 939 is getting stuck on the hisense smart logo and refuses to boot up how do I fix this???
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