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Open answered Sep 6 in Other by Mikeswiss (Expert) 24 views tagged:
when trying to flash mobicell vivo sp flash tools give me this error S_FT_GET_MEMORY_FAIL.(0xFDA) CANT FIND MEMORY How do i fix this
Open answered Sep 4 in Other by Harry (Contributor) 11 views tagged:
On my Verssed Motion E1.1 Tablet I get erors unfortunatly proce has stoped and unfortunatly you tube as stoped on home screen. I can't get to settings and my tablet keeps rebooting by itself. How do I resolve this?
Open answered Sep 4 in Other by Harry (Contributor) 14 views tagged:
My hisense hsu 939 is getting stuck on the hisense smart logo and refuses to boot up how do I fix this???
Closed answered Aug 6 in Other by Harry (Contributor) 121 views tagged:
How do I bypass google account on image mobile rio? Thank you.
Open answered Jul 25 in Other by Thom Guru 16 views tagged:
My Fondi Tablet is not booting It freezes at the second Fondi screen I want to buy the rom from you but is not sure what model it is. I have taken some pictures of the tablet If i email the pictures can you identify the model of the tablet?
Open answered Jul 11 in Other by Mr tech (Contributor) 32 views tagged:
Hisense u601 did factory reset still asking for pattern and don't know it can't use your link don't have a camera. button please helo
Open answered Jun 19 in Other by Thom Guru 17 views tagged:
When I take pictures it saves it on my tablet but when I open the photos I took it tells me "Connot generate thumbnail" So it just shows black and no pictures. How do I sort it out. Its a Verssed motion E1.1
Open answered Jun 10 in Other by Harry (Contributor) 34 views tagged:
It is a Kicka phone, the first model. The keyboard work previously, but now it only allows voice input. When I go into settings - Language & input the phone does not allow me to deselect Google voice typing.
Open answered Jun 6 in Other by Harry (Contributor) 151 views tagged:
how to bypass google account on smart tab 1009 x
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