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Open answered Oct 4 in Premio P700 by Thom Guru 21 views tagged:
ok i thought as much, and thanks for the response, but new question: the app to root the device is it kingoroot apk or simply kingroot. i am asking because since i ... will open only on half the screen. should I uninstall the root app that I have.
my handset is missing its meid nr. where and how will i find it? not picking up my simcards :(
Open answered Oct 4 in Premio P700 by Thom Guru 28 views tagged:
I have a premio p700v tablet, i have installed kingo root but i still cant get the default storage to be my sd card. help. I think you will tell me to install ... step how to get this right as I am really frustrated with this phone right this minute.
permio p700 not picking up any simcard pls help it doesnt have the meid number as well what do i do?
my premio p700 charges full till 100% then drains quickly with in 2 hours why ?
Open asked Sep 10 in Premio P700 by Kit Muhlenberg 23 views tagged:
Premio P700. We are told that if we root our devices, then our warranty is null and void. So we are damned if we do and damned if we don't. I ... the phone first with KingRoot. Is this not a problem that the manufacturers should be addressing?.
Open answered Aug 20 in Premio P700 by Thom Guru 48 views tagged:
Hey guys Im using a Premio P700 by SMD technologies, Android 5.1. I have been trying to update its software but the app required to download the update isn't there (wireless update app) how can I fix this?
Como faço pra juntar a memória interna e a memória do telefone no meu prêmio p700v
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