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Solved answered Dec 12, 2016 in SONY by Thom Guru
Sony experia m2 aquar
Solved answered Oct 6, 2016 in SONY by Thom Guru
Sony ST27i forgotten pin ask me this security questions
please help me with vodacom protect pin, your webisite is down when am trying to do it online and even at your call centre they told the that there's network problem on their side
Hello, I am using a Sony Xperia phone - 076 168 9835, my phone is blocked and I forgot my Vodafone protect pin, so can you please assist?
Solved answered May 11, 2016 in SONY by Kervin Genius
Hard reset xperia st21i after used to many pattern
Solved answered May 11, 2016 in Sony Xperia Go ST27i by Kervin Genius
Nothing happens when dial in emergency
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