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Permanent software programmed into a read-only memory also refer to as a ROM used in most electronic and gadgets.
Solved asked Jun 2, 2015 in AG Chrome Ultra by anonymous
I need a firmware, ROM or flash file for my AG Chrome Ultra by AG Mobile. It is asking for a Privacy Protection Password and I have long forgotten it ... flashing a new stock ROM or firmware, this Protection Password can be cleared. Thanks
I am using the SE Tool 2 lite software to flash in a new firmware.
Solved asked Jul 18, 2014 in Nokia (Microsoft) by Harry (Contributor)
The phone first froze and would not respond to any key-press. It suddenly went off and would not come back on when the power on button was pressed. There is what seems like water coming from it.
Solved asked Jul 13, 2014 in Nokia (Microsoft) by Oldies
The phone displays "Contact Service" when powered on. Can anybody advice what are my options. I am familiar with flashing Nokia phones firmwares and would gladly try it out if it be what will resurrect the phone.
Open asked Jul 10, 2014 in Nokia (Microsoft) by Technox (Expert)
The firmware seems corrupted and hence it will not stay well displayed.