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Hello, my tablet froze up aswell, when I tried to download the shareit app from appstore, it just froze, I forced shut down, but it never turned back on again, its been like that for 4 days now, its also a vodafone smart tab 3G... Please tell me what I should do? I just got it back from repairs, the screen had broken soo I sent it to fix for you.. It was out of order for 1 and a half years... Anyway, please tell me what I should do? It does not want to turn on, or even show when I'm charging it...
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Hey Japie, if you have access to a computer, hook it up using a USB cable and then short press the power button and observe. Let us know if you get the computer USB recognition sound or pop up balloon. In the extreme, the tablet's may have failed electronically and yet another service booking may lie ahead.
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