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Please help me out here, I am in desperate, desperate need of assistance in UNBRICKING my Verssed Vp1 phone (if at all possible). The error is on my part; I foolishly tried to flash an incompatible rom (Android Marshmallow 6) onto the phone. Now my VP1 is stuck in the "Powered by Android" screen and has been for two weeks now, I have tried everything; when the Android ADB was no longer effective as the phone got bricked through that particular resource, I also tried unbricking it via the SP Flash tool with a Lollipop rom I got, still to no avail.

verssed platinum vp1
android 4.3 jelly bean
snapdragon 200
quad-core 1.2 ghz
4.0" touch screen
camera 5mp
micro sim
bluetooth 4.0
4gb internal
512mb ram
micro sd up to 32gb

Please help, any help at all will be appreciated. Thank you!

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by (Genius) (10.4m points)
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Hey Hasheem. Sorry for the delayed reply - undoing the done will mean flashing flashing a stock ROM meant for the Verssed Platinum VP.1 We will try and look that up and update this answer. Assuming you had not backed up your stock ROM prior to the incident.
Evening SuperUser

Thank you for your reply and willingness to help me. Unfortunately I did not back up my phone's Stock Rom prior to bricking it. It was very foolish of me, but I have learned my lesson now (will never do it again).

I will wait for your update and recourse. Thank you again!
by (Genius) (10.4m points)
OK - the ROM I am finding using the core makeup of the VP.1 is this one here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwtukP0wH65xNlg1TVd5aWkxUzg/view Never mind the Samsung... the Chinese must have taken the inner hardware makeup of the Qualcomm 8610 and adorned it with the outfit of the real Samsung Galaxy Trend 3 :(
Thank you very much for your help SuperUser, I am downloading the ROM right now. Do you have any instructions I should follow in order to properly flash the rom onto my bricked phone?
by (Genius) (10.4m points)
There appears to be a number of Qualcomm-based smartphone flashers but I would suggest you use the one here http://androidurdu.net/download-qualcomm-flash-image-loader-qfil/#sthash.f0oDCmXF.dpbs
Thanks SuperUser, I will look them up, and post an update when everything is successful.
asked May 8, 2016 in Phones and Tablets by anonymous ROM for Verssed Platinum VP. 1

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