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Sinotec tablet screen locked

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Sinotec Model M1015

My Sinotec tablet screen stays locked and then go off after about 5 seconds. I have tried all the answers given on this problem, hard reset, hole reset and also keeping in the volume button together with the power button.  it goes up to the sinotec sign, goes on but is still locked.

Please help?


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Hi. The foregoing defines your possible situation:

  1. If the tablet turns back on after shutting off at the locked screen, then you likely have a corrupt firmware that will require a software reload.
  2. If on the other hand, it shuts off and remains off until you turn it back on, then you will likely be looking a possibly bad battery or related circuitry. You can test this by trying to power the tablet up without SIM cards. If it stays up longer, that when with SIMs, the you most likely have a bad battery (or power management IC)
  3. Consider taking advantage of in-warranty service if you are still withing the stipulated period to avail free service should that be necessary in the end.

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