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Now I can't open the phone , please help.

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Hey Clive, you will have to hard reset the device if it should be that you never associated a Google account with the Selfie. Let us know if you do not mind hard resetting it so we may assist with the procedure. Otherwise, see http://satechhelp.co.za/13298/Flash-Download-Firmware-Ag-Chrome-Selfie
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hi superuser genius, the symbol that you are talking about does not appear completely on my phone (AG chrome selfie). in actual fact, the touch pad is completely disabled when entering the recovery mode. the only keys that I can press are the volume up/down and the power button. any other way that I can maybe get the to the "Yes" option? because the only options that I have is/are 5 "No"
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Hey Predominant, it has sadly been noted that some if not all AG Chrome Selfie devices have a recovery mode bug of a missing "Yes---delete all user data" option. What is to be done is to either load a custom recovery (in the place of the stock) or reset the device using .zip updates flashed from the SD card or a computer program. We can Chat Live sometime when you are available online toward resolving this ;)

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