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Good day

Just bought AG mobile boost 2 months back.
Just tried turning it on this morning and it turn on so nice.
After making this sound saying "AG mobile" its stops there and don’t continue.
I have tried resetting it but it’s still saying one and the same thing.
Please assist ASAP. Thank you in anticipation


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Hey Meluleki. From the given description, your AG Mobile's firmware or main software appears to have crashed (particularly if a reset via recovery mode has been to no avail). The recourse thereof if to take it back via your retailer (to avail an in-warranty service if you still have the receipt) or contact AG Mobile support at 0861 24 33 33 for a paid software reload service.
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Hello Meluleki' Either you have a corrupted firmware or it is hardware related problems' please try the solution given here http://www.satechhelp.co.za/10363/Flash-Firmware-Rom-Ag-Boost-Ag-Mobile To avoid ruining your warranty coverage return the phone back to the store of purchase together with a proof of purchase for service.

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