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mobicel solo tablet

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I can't seem to reply to my original question on your site.  The
mobicel solo tablet has a non-removible battery so I can't remove the
back cover. I have this information though I hope it helps.(
09:39:27 > model=SOLO
09:39:27 > Android version=4.4.2
09:39:27 > MTK platform=MT6572
09:39:27 > Custom build version=1432780046
09:39:29 > CUSTOM_KERNEL_LCM = nt35582_mcu_6575
09:39:29 > LCM_HEIGHT = 600
09:39:29 > LCM_WIDTH = 1024
09:39:29 > CUSTOM_KERNEL_TOUCHPANEL = generic
09:39:29 > CUSTOM_HAL_MAIN_IMGSENSOR = imx073_mipi_raw
09:39:29 > CUSTOM_HAL_SUB_IMGSENSOR = hi704_yuv
09:39:29 > CUSTOM_MODEM = miki12c_tb_kk_hspa_900_1900_2100_edge_tx_on
09:39:29 > MTK_PRODUCT_LOCALES = en_US pt_PT ar_EG fr_FR de_DE es_ES
hi_IN nl_NL) thanks in advance ://www.satechhelp.co.za/11489/Mobicel-Solo-Firmware?show=11490#a11490
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Hello We now have the firmware here: http://roms.satechhelp.co.za/product/mobicel-solo-tablet-firmwarerom-dual-sim-p9120/ Virgil' Sorry about the reply problem, we hope to have a look on it. We are looking in to your question please standby.

EDIT: You can still open your tablet even if the battery is not user removable friendly, please try the instruction here http://www.satechhelp.co.za/9025/Open-Verssed-Motion-E1-1-Remove-Battrey Try the reply button again.

EDIT: The board ID sadly dictates a lot when it comes to determining a compatible generic ROM.

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