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mobicel solo firmware

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sorry the reply button just reloads the page. I know I have tried using mtk tools, spf tools ect. the only way I see to correct it, is by getting a  backup of a working one.  I have tried asking Mobicel as well they do not reply. Thank you I appreciate the help...OK I finally got it open. [SN 120005678  MODEL  P9120-04
SW Mobicel SOLO - V08-MT6572-V1.43
BOM MOBICEL P9120-04-31R37-GW-V1.0] (P7010B) hope this helps?

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Hi. We now have access to the Mobicel Solo's firmware: http://www.satechhelp.co.za/14557/Flash-Fresh-Stock-Firmware-Mobicel-Solo-Dual-Sim-P9120 It's OK if the reply button give you trouble - you can reply in this way or use the 'Post related question' link. If you could manage to partly disassemble the Mobicel Solo and access the board ID as suggested, there is a good chance that we may be able to pull out a generic firmware pack that may be able to work just find on it. Tablets' housing are often held together using screws or they snaps just to place. Mobicel will sadly insist you rather send the tab in (which could be good if you are still under warranty and have the receipt) instead of furnishing you with the firmware/ROM thereof :(

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We now have this tablet firmware by the way

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