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Netsurfer only charge while switched off

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I recently bought a netsurfer. Nice tablet, but for the last week it will only charge while its switched off.

I've been going through the settings i can think of but can't find a thing.


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Hello. While it is likely the case, allow me to ask if you are using the native charger (and cable if applicable) as this can be the root cause before we get into more advance possibilities. The Netsurfer tablets require a "5 voltage output" and around "2+ Amps" rated charger which are some of the minimum requirements to be met.
Yes im using the original charger and cable. I had no probs in beginning.
Hehe yes I noticed that is of no use to try snd charge is from pc.
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Hey Jaco, if that is the case, then your issue may be more dreaded than you may have expected. Which is why you should not really think twice before attempting a hard reset (if you had not) as the ultimate recourse could be to take it in under an in-warranty failure claim - provided you must. I say because this could be a component failure within the charging circuit (this includes the battery, charger pin and tablet jack as well).

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