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Lumnia 820 hard reset failure

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I have this Lumnia 820 I have hard reseted it and the gears are still turning and it worries me much cause they have been turning for 2 days the Lumnia software recovery isn't helping is there any1 who can help Asap

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Hey Mike, please advise if this is a Lumia or indeed Lumnia. If it is a Lumia, then it sounds like you may need to flash the firmware with Nokia Care Suite. Kindly reply below.
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It's an original Lumnia Okay but it stuck on the gears and Nokia suite says phone in not support mode anyway thanks l will keep on trying
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Hey mike' What is the RM number of the phone' check on the white sticker behind the battery.
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Nokia Lumia RM file is 825, is this the same as the lumnia. This phone (lumnia) does not proof to be made by Nokia or microsoft' it is not even listed here http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia-phones-1.php

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