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i woke up yesterday morning finding out my phone doesnt have any reception  so i restarted the phone and still it doesnt want to work, i tried my mothers sim card but still  its not working  the phone is not on contract so it cant be blocked  is this a thecnical problem or what  please i need help with this  thank you! 


Model number :    VF685

Android version :   4.4.2

Baseband version:  6180

Kernel version:  3.4.67

ZBuild number:  KitKat

custom build version:  110HJG1

Regulatory & Safety

Produckt number:  VF685

IMEI:   354459065145401

CU Reference:   V685-2CVDZA1

My name is JP  my contact details it     jp0817034156@gmail.com

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Hi. A possibly damaged IMEI, the recourse to which will be similar to the one here http://www.satechhelp.co.za/11758/Service-Tab Unless if you are certain the it is the SIM that is not reading (as opposed to it failing to register to a network through your VF685). Let us know if you should need the PC version of the repair tool or any further help hereon.
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hi  now it tels me my phone needs to be rooted   how do i do that?
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on my phone screen its says  " Error    Your phone does not have root acces! You must root your phone in order to use the application. "
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Sorry I forgot the need for root. Do you have access to a computer? If yes, then follow the root tutorial here http://www.satechhelp.co.za/1653/Root-Ag-Chrome-Selfie
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i just downloade one click root  i hope it works  if not  ill use your link
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OK - the Kingo has been tested. We can also continue http://livechat.satechhelp.co.za/
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