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Mobicel metro 2 privacy protection lock

in Mobicel Metro 2
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Hey guys l m paranoid here been trying to remove the Mobicel metro 2 privacy protection lock code but I have failed

I have the mobicel metro stock rom  l downloaded from 4shared, its the same file l use to reflash mobicel metro 2 phones but its refusing to flash nor format it gives me the message BROM ERROR STORAGE NOT MACTH (oxf6) this frastrating l have reinstalled PDA drives and Mtk drivers but l still get the same Massage

Help me out

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Hey - Then there is a good chance that Mobicel has two "Metro 2" versions with different storages. You may need to open the rear housing cover (not the battery cover only) and look up the board ID of the "Metro 2"  you have on hand and share that with us.

EDIT. Yes I found out that some Mobicel Metro 2 uses a NAND and some uses an EMMC. We have access to ROMs that works with both here: http://roms.satechhelp.co.za/product/mobicel-metro-2-firmwarerom/ The NAND version is not tested as yet though.

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Yes there is a Metro 2 with NAND and another with an EMMC storage.
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Hi team did you find good news here?
if so kindly upload mobicel metro 2 bin file,
mtk 6571 NAND chip.

" Please do note that it is like Mobicel to us differing chips one and the same device model. This has been noted on the Mobicel Metro 2 (where while most had EMMC, few sets with NAND chips were noted) and the ROMs of these two were not cross compatible. A Memory Test on SP Flash Tool should be able to reveal if this is the case with your particular set or not. If you get NAND not detected/ then you have and EMMC - and vice verse. "
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