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Firstly, thanks so much for your help in explaining how to get this device rooted! Worked like a charm.

Now that the device is rooted, I would really like to install a pure Google Android version of Lollipop on a Vodacom Power Tab 10 (VF-1296).

The tablet already has Lollipop running but there are some features - like SIP calling - which have been disabled on the Vodacom Power Tab 10.

I'm not sure if this is relevant or not but I have found a file with the name VF-1296_20150915.tar.xz at the following link:

So my question is, is it possible to install a custom rom on this device and, if so, how would one go about it?
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Hi Peter. I have the same tab, with rooting problem. Can you tell me what you've done with yours please ??? Thanks

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Hi. We looking into this and hope to advise in depth thereon no long.

EDIT: While it is possible to run a custom ROM on the model, it does not seem like any has ported one specially for the model and trying those that are not proven may be hurt-some. If you are willing, I would suggest you take a ROM backup as per the tutorial here (do let us know if successful with the backup) > and then proceed to tinkering with CM12 porting as per the tutorial here. As for the VF1296 file from sourceforge, there is a good chance that  it is a manufacturer stock ROM similar to yours though we probably will never know until it is downloaded > extracted and tried. Backup first though.

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