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Lumnia 510 whatsapp

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Guys there is something l don't understand here recently whatsapp promised that some windows phone and old s40 n s60  will nolonger support whatsap but suprisingly the Lumnia 510 running windows 7.5 is refusing to run  whatsapp it downloads lwhatsapp and a pop comes on the screen please update whatsapp to latest version

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Hi. Yes that is odd. Support for Windows Phone 7 will only end with the year (2016). For now, the below is all that should matter.

 * The phone must be running Windows Phone 7 or higher.
  * The phone must have an active Internet connection.
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Yes it is running windows 7.5 and there is no update for it l have deleted and tried to install whatsapp 5 times now l have 3G network mate
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Just ensure it does not attempt to download from the "Windows Marketplace" as that was taken down long time ago.

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