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I am thinking of buying  AG Chrome Selfie phone with dual SIMs but can't find a review of how good a phone it is or even an explanation of it's features. Also does the dual SIM consist of two standard SIM cards slots so that I can have 2 separate cell carriers? I assume it has Internet. Thanks.

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Hey Ellizabeth - The Chrome Selfie comes with 3.5" TFT Touchscreen. It offers the 2nd latest Android 4.4 [KitKat] Operating System - this means you get close to all that the leading mobile phones OS has to offers hitherto.

Unfortunately, this model offers nothing more than the 2G network and/or
EDGE for data speed. Yes it sorry to say offers no 3G network and this means that YouTube videos and Skype can only be streamed over Wifi. This EDGE speed is quite satisfactory on Whatsapp messaging and internet browsing but using the device as a Mobile hotspot (Tethering) is also left out of the question sadly. It does offer upto 1Ghz dual core of applications-processing speed though. Which some, if not all, Pentium III computers' CPUs were never this big.

With the Selfie, you have the option of using two SIM cards. A standard-sized SIM on the one slot & a Micro-sized SIM on the other. It also comes equiped with only 2MP back camera (which means only basic photo-quality) but also offer a secondary (front) VGA camera - though the latter will still not mean much where there exist no Wifi network as Skyping with it will requires more that EDGE of data speed. In short, this model proves to only offer basic smartphone functionality (Like HTML internet browsing, Email, Social Networks and a bit more) which should be enough for an averqge cellphone user.

Please comment below if you have any other futher needed assistance on this.

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Hey Russel, sorry for the slight delay. Certain apps requires that a device be rooted prior to   installing onto the SD card. The easiest way as of now would be to uninstall idle apps. Please kindly comment further if you have any other thought on the above said.
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How do i root the A.G Chrome Selifie?
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The eassiest way to root the AG Chrome Selfie would be to follow the steps here http://satechhelp.co.za/1653/how-to-root-your-ag-chrome-selfie
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