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How to replace a Micro USB port using two Soldering Irons

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(i) Two Soldering Irons (Two are needed for removing the bad micro USB port - otherwise, to mount the replacement, only one is required) - these should cost you about $4.5 each
(ii) Soldering wire (At least one meter worth about $1.5 will be enough)
(iii) Replacement micro USB port which can be 2nd hand (taken out in the foregoing manner) as long as it is still good and look like the bad one to be replaced.

  1. With mobile device's main-board sufficiently balance, drop a measure of solder as to cover each one of the pair of mounting feet on either side of the micro USB port on the PCB.
  2. Then drop just enough as cover all five data & power terminals. Note: The aim of the above is to be able to melt all the areas that holds down the micro USB port (namely the four mounting feet and the soldered data & power terminals) without a hot air gun.
  3. With both your soldering irons sufficiently heating, stick the tip of each between each pair of the mounting feet (on either side) and keep them there for 0-120 seconds (2 minutes) - gently try to fork up the micro USB port with the soldering iron as you see the solder previously smeared melting.
  4. The micro USB port should eventually be uprooted without effort if all is done right...
  5. With the bad port now removed - clean the four feet areas and its respective grooves (might need to poke the solder blocking through with a sharp needle.

The tutorial continues below...

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  1. Leave only enough solder on each of the 5 data & power terminals
  2. When done - fit in the replacement micro USB port - the mounting feet may only sink half way, in which case you should press on the port from the top using a yet burning sodering iron.
  3. Then proceed to drop solder on each one of the four mounting feet to enchor them to the floor (the PCB) - do this until you are satisfied. Only take care not to have the solder running to the surrounding components or entering the inside of the port so to make it impossible to properly plug the intended male micro USB pin.
  4. Lastly, when the port is well mount by feet, gently and cautiously press on each one of the 5 data & power terminals as to mount each to its corresponding PCB terminal - only take care not to unit any two of the 5 terminals

Congradulations, you have just replaced a micro USB port without professional equipment like the hot air gun.

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