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whats the cause when you mobicel cherry tablet runs slow and your RAM is cleared..... Seriously cause  it's irritating

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Hey mate the problem is that the Cherry tablet s firmware has bugs and for security please make sure you untick Unkown sources because it allows hackers to hack and affect your phone making it respond slow most n sometimes freezes and shows Exit underneath the screen
With PC download easy Trojan killer exe link coming soon
You can flash a system img back to the phone l will explain how
You can try reflashing the stock rom using SP flashtool

1:Download Stuborn Trojan killer.apk by Cheetah mobile
2: Kingo root apk
run the above apps make sure you tab is rooted and has super user run Stuborn Trojan killer it will ask for root privileges it kills ghost virus n all sorts of Trojans don't worry your phone will reboot several times in deleting the Ghost push Trojans
One more thing viruses asks for root previlegdes make sure you don't grant them l will send the types that are well known
Adope air
Pencil sketch
Porn apk
Com.android.phone.apk (1kb)
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See possible reasons below

•Apps running in background
•Heavy apps installed
•Internal storage is full

 Uninstall unnecessary apps
Make sure to soft reset your tablet once a day (Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds to soft reset)

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