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Vodacom data connecton disability all of a sudden

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I am in Struisbult, Springs in the Gauteng Province and both yesterday and today was some noticeable lagging on the Vodacom data speed and sometimes would not connect at all. Yes I have know Vodacom to retain a strong signal in the past that I normally roamed my professed weak Cellc often when home. On average, this lagginf or failure to connect will happen with a 3 or 4 service signal bars. I can only hope it is temporal.

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If you're experiencing any possible network issues, please read the information below for possible solutions.
- Loss of signal (3G or otherwise)
- Poor Signal
- Dropped Calls
- Problems making/receiving calls
- Problems sending/receiving text messages    
1. Check if the issue only happens in one location:
Please verify whether the issue happens in just one location or not. If it does only happen in one location then please see point 3. If it happens everywhere you go then please see point 2.
2. Test your SIM in another phone
If an issue is happening everywhere then it will almost certainly be caused by the phone or SIM card. The best way to check this is by testing the SIM in another phone. If the issue follows the SIM card, then you'll be able to pick up a new one from your Nearest Vodacom Store. If the issue stays with the phone then it will need to be repaired, our Vodacom Walk-in Service centres page has details of where you can take the phone. Also switch off and restart your handset. It may be there was a fault and your handset has not updated to recognise this is now resolved.
3. Check your coverage
Our Coverage Map will show what the signal should be like in your area. Please bear in mind that this is only a guideline and can never be 100% accurate, particularly for indoor coverage. If your coverage is low, or the issue only happens when you're indoors, then please make sure you log a network query with our team by accessing the online contact centre here – Online Contact Support
4. Log a query with our Customer Service Team
So we’ve exhausted all other options – now it’s time to bring in the big guns – log a query with us here - Online Contact Support or you can follow our Customer Service Team on Twitter - @Vodacom111 and get in touch with them there

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