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Ho to disassemble the Vodafone VF685 - Smart Kicka

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Ho to disassemble the Vodafone VF685

1. Remove they battery cover
2. Remove the Battery, Simcard and SD card.
3. Uncrew all the four visible sylver screws.

*Now take note - the back or main plastic frame, inspite its appearing more insert, is held or clicks on an "internal" allowence that the the front LCD part that bears the to provides. There fore, this back or main plastic frame hold down the same way the battery cover does and must be remove more or less the same - only that tge latter requires a prying tool or a good flat screw driver.

4. Now push the tip of the prying tool where the back cover and the from LCD part create at step and gently pry out the back cover until fully taken out.

5. Now unscrew the four visible screws on the greenish PCB.

6. Then gently pry up the black plastic part of the 'touchscreen signal ribbon' socket visible from the top on the main board (pry it from the opposite of the ribbon feed's side) - then gent pull the ribbon from  the socket.

7. Then again gently pry up the tiny little black plastic part of the 'LCD ribbon' socket visible from the bottom left on the main board (pry this one from the ribbon feed) - then gent pull the ribbon from  the socket.

8. Now gently take the greenish main boar from the front plastic part.

*Again notice - the LCD assembly is held to the main board by adhesives. Use your prying tool to gently separate the two.

And then you should be done.

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