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Printer is Printing BLANK pages. All instructions followed. Ink was charged for 20min according To manual. Ink tank is full. Transportation key is set for printing. What Else could prevent ink from Printing.?
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Hi, Epson has this to say about their products printing blanks, please comment below
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Hello Sanet
Possible reasons below.
1. Your printer may not be selected in your application or selected as the Windows default printer.
2. Select your printer in your application or select it as the default Windows printer.

3. Your document may have more pages than you think. Select Print Preview in your software application Print menu before printing. Then either select to print only the current page, or only those pages with text, or delete the extra pages in your document before printing.

4. Your printer is not selected in the Macintosh Chooser. Select your printer in the Chooser.

5. Paper settings in the printer software may be incorrect for your paper size. Check the paper size, orientation, printable area, and layout settings to make sure theyre correct for your paper size.

6 The print head nozzles may be clogged. Perform a nozzle check and clean the print head if necessary.

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