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After flashing the Mobicel Onyx with the file we currently have access to, you will likely have a corrupt/invilid IMEI after the flashing. Especially if do not upgraded.
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I am very thankful for your careful explanation about what I was supposed to do to solve the problem of failure to sim card detection by mobicel metro 2. Sadly, the suggestion did not help to solve the problem. I rooted the device with Kingo root and after that I downloaded the chamelophon apk and followed all the instructions. After having done everything, the phone still read " to place a call first turn off airplane mode" when I tried to make a call. The airplane mode is turned off. Please note that when I turn on the phone, it says "No service" and after some minutes or so, it says slot 2 no sim card detection, slot 1 no sim card detection. Please help on what I should do.
by Genius (34,154,240 points)
This here will be your ultimate recorse then.
on the same application (Chamelophon) generate new random IMEI if u want then power off the phone insert another sim card power it on, then it will be fine, u can again put your sim card after that,..

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  1. Root the Mobicel Onyx with Kingo root
  2. Download and the Chamelephon apk file here
  3. After download, send that Chamelephone apk to the Onyx via USB or SD card
  4. Locate it from the Onyx's menu using File Manager and install it > after that > Launch or open it
  5. Then type the same original IMEI in the 1 and 2 fields (the original IMEI is under the battery)
  6. After that tap 'Add New IMEI'
  7.  When the rewrite it is done, restart the phone.

NB. One issue we have noted is that Kingo Root will give a false rooted reported at times. Requiring that you root again and repeat the process. It may be worth it to install the 'Root Checker' apk and use that to confirm root status first.

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i have fixed this imie by extracting a new scatter file using mtk droid tool

then i use that custom file you gave me for repairing mobicel metro imei


 "is_download: true"

After using this firmware the phone is no longer dual sim .
is this ROM for Single sim?
by Genius (34,154,240 points)
Ohk no the Onyx marketed in SA feature a Single SIM. We have a Qmobile branded ROM for the same hardware with dual SIM support if you  can use that.
by User (100 points)
my mobicel cherry tablet is failing to read any registered sim card i insert, the problem started a few days ago. i tried to reboot many times but it cant if i try to place a call its like to place a call, first turn off airplane mode which is off already. help please
thank u so much on this i really did exactly as u instructed, I had loaded Mobicel Onyx frimware to flash the previous one it was giving me problems and then it woukdnt get the signal after, it was flashing on and off, but with this professional method u gave, i have my Mobicel working fine and smooth again, thank u once more and another question: is it possible to upgrade the same Mobicel Onyx 4.4.2 android version to Android 6.0?

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