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Below are the steps to be followed to flash, download or reload a firmware or ROM onto the TELC-73GIQ by Telefunken. Both links to the Flasher, firmware and drivers are included.
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You can follow the tutorial here: http://www.satechhelp.co.za/14360/Flashing-Telefunken-Telc-73giq-Rom-Firmware-Spd-Pac-File instead.

Start off by downloading the [ROM] pack, [Flasher+Drivers] and extract both. The flashing process is as follows - You also need to perform [this] first.

1. Install the driver (x86 for 32 bit and x64 for 64 bit)

2. Launch the Flasher

3. Click on Spreadtrum tab

4. Tick WriteFlash

5. Select 6280-Android or 8810_Android

6. Click on the [...] and select the Telc-73giq .pac ROM file

7. Click Start - you will see: Scanning USB Port

8. Connect the TELC-73GIQ holding Vol Down - you see 'Waiting for confirmation)

9. Ensure all files are ticked > click 'OK'

10. You will see a progress bar followed by 'All done'

11. Disconnect the Telc-73giq and power on

NOTE: We can flash the device for you remotely (over the internet) for R100 If you are not comfortable flashing the device yourself. Read more  here

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I saw the payment and I am ready to walk you through over Whatsapp if you have access to that
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I've already paid bro. Waiting for confirmation to download my new file now
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I have just disconnected the battery, which i was told not to as you need the battery to flash the device. I now with disconnected battery tried to flash with no results. What now?
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You need to reconnect it prior to attempting to flash

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