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You may need to reload the firmware into your Mobicel Vivo if you have a boot loop, no boot, clear a lost or forgotten password and the likes.
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  1. Download and extract the SP Flash Tool from here.
  2. Order > Download and extract the Mobicel Vivo ROM or firmware from [here]
  3. Install the Mediatek VCOM drivers as per the tutorial here
  4. Launch the SP Flash Tool
  5. Click on 'Scatter loading' > browse through to extracted Mobicel Vivo ROM folder > and double click to load the .txt scatter file onto the SP Tool
  6. Remove the check mark next to 'preloader'
  7. Click on the Format tab > Auto format flash > Format flash (Except bootloader) > click Start > turn off the Vivo and connect it via USB cable.
  8. You should so get a 'Format OK' message > Disconnect the phone
  9. Click the Download tab > click Download with a green arrow
  10. Connect the Mobicel Vivo to the computer via USB cable while off again. The download should take a bot longer - perhaps 10min. You get a Download OK message
  11. At you which stage you can disconnect the Mobicel Vivo and power is on and observe.

NOTE: We can flash the device for you remotely (over the internet) for R100 If you are not comfortable flashing the device yourself. Read more  here

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getting this error with rom S_DL_GET_DRAM_SETTING_FAI
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Hi. To best assist, we will need the entire error message (including the error code like: 4023, 5007, etc)
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(EMI) obtain DRAM failed
(hint) please check your load matches to your target which is to be downloaded
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Ohk - looking into the error code
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used the wiko rom and it worked
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Hmmmm - yes the Mobicel stock was added recently. You could copy the 'system' file from the Mobicel stock ROM folder and temporally replace the Wiko 'system' file with it and try flashing Wiko ROM pack again. If all goes well, then you should have the Mobicel Vivo logos again instead of Wiko Lenny. Yes the logos & startup animations are in the 'System' file.
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Hi kervin the phone came back the client cant check their balance as the phone registers that there are two sims when theres actually one have you gotten the mobicel stock rom fixed ?
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Sorry we have a tested file for the Mobicel Vivo Single SIM as well. I will email you the link now.

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