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Flashing a firmware onto the Sinotec S7200 7" tablet

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Find both a link to the Sinotec S7200 ROM and flashing steps. This you should need to do if you S7200 will not boot fully or is it is invaded by viruses. You need access to a computer for this work.

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Below are the steps you are to follow to flash the Sinotec S7200 7" Tablet via SP Tool from a computer.

  1. Download and extract the SP Flash Tool
  2. Install the MTK USB VCOM drivers
  3. Download and extract the Sinotec S7200 7" Tablet firmware from [HERE]
  4. Launch the SP Flash Tool
  5. Load the Scatter and navigate to the extracted firmware folder and select the text scatter file
  6. Untick 'Preloader.bin'
  7. Click Download - and connect the Sinotec S7200 7" Tablet through a USB cable while it is off and Vol down pressed
  8. The Sinotec S7200 7" Tablet should be picked up and the flashing should soon start. The entire process should take 5 min or less and you should get a green tick when all is do
  9. Disconnect and power the Sinotec S7200 7" Tablet on

NOTE: We can flash the device for you remotely (over the internet) for R150 If you are not comfortable flashing the device yourself. Read more here


drivers is installed now yes. got this error message after 18:22min into the download @ 2% completed
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Hi. This sounds like a device to PC communication issue still. Could be a low battery, drivers, cable or USB port
Hi. I also have the same problem when it get to Step 7. It goes straight to factory mode and i only pressed Vol down
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Please note that you are to release the Volume key as soon you connect the USB cable to the tablet. Otherwise, you may be having a driver issue.

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