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Download and flashing the +4 Smart Touch firmware or ROM

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This and its brother +4 Q-Tounch are Android Smartphones marketed at Pep Stores. Like all other Android powere devices, the +4 Smart Smart device tends to have logo hang or boot loop issues over time. Requiring that the firmware be reloaded or reflashed. This is a Qualcom based device and hence it ROM has not been quite easy to extract.

+4 Smart Touch

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We currently have a tested firmware pack that was tested on the +4 Smart Touch device. We also have a flasher compatible with the same device as tested.

NB. Please note that devices stuck on the green robot (or bot) screen has NOT been able to be revived by a firmware reload and we even think that such is caused by hardware faults. The Volume keys in particular but nothing confirmed. One reported to have have managed resolving the same issue by replacing the LCD.

To flash the ROM

  1. Order, download and extract the ROM from [here]
  2. Download the Flasher > and run/launch it (Included with the ROM)
  3. Download and install the device's ADB/Fastboot drivers (Included with the ROM)
  4. Turn off the +4 Smart Touch device, press and hold the Volume Up key and connect the phone (it should boot into fastboot) - release the Vol key after successful connection.
  5. Click on the 'Detect device' if still not detected
  6. With the phone selected, click on and select/load all files in the Stock ROM or the Nokia-like ROMfolder
  7. Click Start Flashing
  8. Disconnect and power up when done
  9. If you flashed the stock ROM, then the +4 Smart Touch should power up as normal (you may have to wipe user data) but if you flashed the Nokia-like ROM, then power it on, wait about 10 minutes > you should get a startup tone > then short press the Power key to turnoff display > then short press it again to turn it back on > then swipe right to unlock the screen. All done!

NOTE: We can flash the device for you remotely (over the internet) for R100 If you are not comfortable flashing the device yourself. Contact us from here

asked Jul 17, 2016 in PLUS 4 SMART TOUCH by ZAKS Smart touch +4 failed to reset
yuh strike a line on this NOTICE....... how much airtime must i donate to get +4smart ROM....., pliz am from malawi i need to tell my Brother in south Africa to send me The Voucher...... coz no bank is supporting credit card/paypal  transactions Here in Malawi........ Pliz Respond as soon as Possible

......IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please kindly note that most of our ROM links are now at R50 each for airtime donations. The main reason is to try to limit airtime donations and encourage cash donations of only R20 per ROM link via bank transfer (EFT), ATM deposit, eWallet (or Debit/Credit card at $2). You can go [here] to learn how to order a ROM link for cash (EFT/eWallet/ATM/Credit/Debit)
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Yes donation prices are back at R29 Voda and R30 MTN for the time being

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