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How to resurrect a phone battery that will not take charge

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I  have a Nokia the battery of which will not take a charge. I have tried a compatible that belongs to my friend a the phone both charged and powered on just fine. But when I replace my own battery, my Nokia phone will neither charge no power on. I am now sure that the issue lies with my battery. I have tried a universal charger with no effect. Is the any thing I can still do to force my Nokia phone battery to take charge - or i just have to get a replacement.

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The battery must have discharged past the acceptable level -  this explaining why it will not take a charge, let alone powering the phone. What can be done is to try and force back that minimum amount of charge level. This can be done through the use of 5 Volt lead (a USB cable with one end connected to the computer (or any USB interfaced power source) and the other end broken and having the positive (+5V) and negative (GND) leads sticking out (only two of the four) - a old charger can be used for this same purpose by removing the pin at the end to let out the two leads. The red positive lead wire placed upon the positive battery contact/terminal and the negative on the negative battery contact/terminal for 30 seconds to a minute. After this, charging the battery can then be retried on either the universal charger or the phone and it should charge just fine again. After all, the battery should be able to power the phones normally. This is otherwise common with all devices – batteries should be uninstalled from their respective devices prior to storing them away to avoid the toil.

Warning: Holding the battery to the power leads as explained upon for any thing above 30 minutes or 1 hour way result in an explosion or shortening the battery life. Thus is not a recommended method of charging batteries.

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