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ZTE Z796C stuck on the lock screen after a hard reset

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It did get wet with milk. Never changed the color dots on battery or phone. Also will not charge if I can get past the lock screen am I suppose to reprogram or something

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Hey Kimberly, it sound much like an unresponsive touch panel is the cause of your supposedly frozen screen. Do try to press and hold the power key for 8 to 10 seconds to force restart the device and see if will go past the lock screen. Previously getting wet can results in such behaviors. It therefore may be necessary to have the ZTE device disassembled and the internal parts thoroughly flushed with an electronic cleaner like the methylated spisits and let to fully dry prior to reassembling. Please kindly comment below should you have any other questions on this and we'll gladly assist further.
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Presence of moist on the ZTE Z796C's motherboard can also cause charging issues seeing water is a good conductor of electrostatics. Do try and get the device disassembled and according flushed with an electronic cleaner and that should resolve all issues provided there had not been a component failure due to an abnormal power flow caused by moist.

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