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7" Fondi T708B tablet by Fondiversal. The discussion on this page is for the Fondi T708B with the MT6572 chipset. The one with the MT6582 is here: http://www.satechhelp.co.za/17886/Fondi-T708b-Firmware-Flash-Elink_mr706z_v2-Mt6582-Chipset
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We now have a fully tested firmware for the Fondi T708B tablet here: http://roms.satechhelp.co.za/product/fondi-t708b-7-tablet-firmwarerom/

  1. Extract the downloaded .rar ROM file after ordering it
  2. Download Install the MTK Vcom USB drivers
  3. Download and extract the SP Flash Tool
  4. Lauch the SP Flash Tool and click on scatter loading
  5. If you can, backup the IMEI/NVRAM file using MTK Droid Tools or SP Flash Tool ROM dump
  6.  Then format the old ROM files first by clicking: Format > Auto format flash > Format whole flash (except bootloader) > Start > Connect >... you get Format OK
  7. Untick the Preloader (Make sure it is NOT ticked)
  8. The click the Download tab
  9. Click Download
  10. Connect the tab while pressing the Vol down (or Up) key
  11. You see progerss bars (Red, purple & yellow)
  12. Then you get 'Download OK' after a minute or so
  13. At this stage, disconnect the tab and power it on.

NOTE: We can flash the device for you remotely (over the internet) for R100 If you are not comfortable flashing the device yourself. Read more  here

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i did flash it now its changed to model number of the table from 708 to 73g and imei numbers went to Null
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You need to repair the IMEI at this stage. As for the model and boot, we did mention that it is a "Non-Fondi branded (logo or splash)"
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so it means its useless to buy this file coz after flashing it your IMEI will go on Null stage and you guys dont have any solution of repairing it
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If you read what we posted on the ROM site, then you would have been linked  to this tool https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxg_H6-nRmifdnhmZ2ZXSUJ5SFk/view which you are to use to repair the IMEI Sir. Null IMIE is not a ROM fault at all.

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