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The screens seems like it still have moist and I think I should let it dried further.
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  1. Open the back cover (battery compartment cover)
  2. Remove the 4 visible screws
  3. Allow your finger nail to sink between the face plate and the black frame (do this from the sides 'toward the bottom' first and then from the base and lastly from the top)
  4. Then sufficiently pull the face plate layer away from the black frame and (so the trick is)
  5. While it is still away, pull it up away from the frame as to get it off the frame (repeat this for all sides)
  6. With the face fully removed, unscrew the two visible blackish screws from the front out
  7. Pry the green main board from the bottom away from the black frame, gently but entirely off
  8. Pry the mental screen holder from the four corners off
  9. Pry the screen's ribbon connector gently using a small flat screw driver or its equivalent off

Vola! - you have disassambled the Asha 210.3 model.

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