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Whether it is because I do not have airtime to process the cellphone USSD or I lost the SIM card under which I am registered for cellphone banking. Is there therefore any way I can buy MTN RSA airtime from my bank account free from my cellphone?

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Hey - Khathi, yes there is a way to buy MTN RSA airtime from your bank account using your cellphone without having registered for cellphone. MTN has a service called MTN eazi Recharge. All you have to do is to complete its short registration process (which is only about 3 minutes longs) by supplying your bank card/account's credentials. The registration process is as follows:

1. From your mobile phone, Dial *141*10#
2. You will then be prompted to "Enter your date of birth"
3. From there you will be prompted to "Enter the card number as it appears on the front of your Credit Card, or Debit Card"
Note:If registering a credit or cheque card, enter the expiry date of your card
4. You then have to "Confirm your details"
5. You will then be prompted to "Enter the bank issued/ choosen ATM PIN for your bank debit , credit or cheque card. (Yes do note that this is the same PIN that you would use at an ATM or to authenticate a point of sale transaction).

You will receive an SMS confirming that your registration has been successful. At which stage you will then be read to make you MTN airtime purchases for either your own number or for any other MTN number. The following steps will walk you through the purchase.

1. From your mobile phone, Dial *141*10#
2. Select the ‘Buy Airtime’ option (option 1)
3. Choose or enter the cellphone number you want to buy airtime for (either your own (option 1) or any other number (option 2 or so)
4. Enter airtime amount between R5 and R300
5. Confirm the purchase details
6. If you have registered a credit or cheque card, enter the last 3 numbers at the back of your credit or cheque card (Note that this be the last 3 degits of your 16 degits long card number)
7. Lastly, Enter the bank issued PIN for your bank debit, credit or cheque card (Again, this is the same PIN that you would use at an ATM or to authenticate a point of sale transaction

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