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AG Mobile and Go devices - Review

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AG Mobile (and go) is a mobile phone manufacturer who has been in the business for the past 10 years. They by far are the only mobile phone manufacturer in South Africa as all other mobile phone brands are imported from abroad (including both reputable brands like Nokia and the cheap Chinese mobile supplies). AG Mobile manufactures from basic t9 feature phones to Android powered touchscreen smartphones. Review in the answer section continues below.

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To begin with, the housing of this company's 'basic and feature phone' devices have not only been found of decent style, generally, but also of choice and quality material unlike those of the great many cheap Chinese mobile supplies flooding the mobile phone market of South Africa. As well, these AG Mobile basic and feature phone devices' keypads have been found quite comfortable to type and navigate with. Tested AG Mobile feature phones include the AG Sting, AG Sophla, AG Mercury, AG Thetha and the AG What zappa. Overall, the company demonstrate close to the same character noted on the Alcatel 'basic and feature phone' devices. It is note-worthy however that AG mobile's 'basic and feature phone' range proves to use the same OS as that use on the Chinese mobile lot. But having got a privilege to take their AG Thetha apart, found it of more decent PCB make than the Chinese devices previously disassembled. It is the same device model (AG Thetha) that boost of an extended battery talk-time!

As stated above, AG Mobile's range of trendy mobile devices include Android-powered smartphones with their AG Chrome Swift for one running the version 4.4 of Android. Though not as cutting edge as the Giant Samsung's Galaxy S series, the AG Chrome Ultra which must be of the same size as that of the Galaxy Note 3 was, by me, found so sweetly user friendly as I loaded it with the  Whatsapp Messenger for a sister-friend. With all the above said, AG Mobile devices then pronounce it safe to invest in. Do see some few exceptions here http://www.satechhelp.co.za/4055/Ag-Mobile-Devices-Common-Complains-Review

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