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The Google Play Store "Just Notepad for Android", which is like the Microsoft Windows' renown Notepad, is an application intended for the Android OS platform as the name implies. This app simply makes the life of moving draft text between applications easier. Unlike the stock Messaging app that requires that the recipient field as well be filled before it can save anything as draft, this app will automatically save your text draft upon exiting without any complications. 

I normally receive Gift Card claim codes from different sources to be grouped and forwarded via one single email and normally have need to switch from app to app without running the risk having extract the same code more that once because the app I'm using for organizing is found unreliable in saving the draft. Finding myself stranded once (without this app installed on my Android) I went to group the codes on one of my Whatsapp Messenger contacts' texting field and afterwards had to click to "Send" to ensure that they were saved so I could afterward copy all to paste on a new email form. It was not very convenient as I had to make sure that I choose a trusted and understanding contact who would not privily redeemed any or all of the codes to my depravity. 
The stock Memo app as well will not allow the "highlight & copy" function on certain Android OS version's and thus making it is pointless to consider it for text draft work that have yet to be moved between apps. Moreover, because this is a dedicated "draft and save" app, the interface is a simplified one and complements the purpose. Making it easy to accomplish text drafting with very few mental strains.

And again, unlike other stock text processing apps, this app let you save all your text draft work as .txt or .htm format - allowing that you can easily transfer (via USB or bluetooth) and view or further edit the same from your computer using traditional Windows-based word processing programs like the MS Office Word. The app will now let you make and save finger drawn draft work which can be exported as JPEG! This app currently have a 4.0 rating and it deserves it.

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