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Good day .Our Vodacom Kicka with Cell C sim works fine at home . However changes to airplane mode when my husband takes it to work 35 km away. How can we set it to stay on the Cell C Network ? On returning  home we have to send an sms to get it to ask us to exit airplane mode before it functions normally again .It does not work to touch on the airplane mode on off icon  .It does not help to reboot phone either .
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Hi. Try the following. Settings > More.. > Mobile networks > tick Data Roaming > OK > Scroll to and tap Network Operators > Select manually > OK > let it search > then choose/select Vodacom when the Networks are listed > let it fully register on to it > then reboot the phone. No it should not charge you anything more than the rates charged under your Cellc tariff plan. Cellc has a roaming contract with Vodacom. Let us know if the issue should persist.
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Hi Kervin Thank you , I have followed your settings and should know tomorrow when we can test it . However there were  2 options under manual settings for Vodacom . 2G or 3G. I have selected 3G but not sure if it makes a difference for this phone or the area he travels to for work ?
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Either of the two will do for voice-calls. The 3G option is necessary if apps using data connection like Whatsapp are used as well. Until soon hopefully.
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Hi Kervin
Thank you so much . This has worked perfectly . No loss of connection with the new settings . Much appreciated

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