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How to save airtime or data on Nokia Lumia 530

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Data usage can be very considerable on today's world of smartphones which comes preloaded with applications which depends on data transmission. Most of these apps do even require that you be actively using them for them to use the data service (to your woes at times). This can be very frustrating if you are on a prepaid airtime or data plan and only buy a limited amount. While the Nokia Lumia 530 is one of these smartphones that comes preloaded  with a number of apps that depends on data transmission and also able to take up much more of those, it makes it possible for you to control how you want these apps to use data. Amongst other configurations, the Nokia Lumia 530 will let you disabled background data - which means that all applications will then only transmit data when told to do so (or when in use). To disable background data transmission therefore

  1. Swipe left from your Start Screen to access the System Apps menu
  2. Then tap "Data Sense"
  3. Tap Set limit
  4. Under Limit type tap "none specified" and tap "monthly"
  5. Under Monthly reset date tap "Date of the month" and sect 28
  6. Under Monthly date limit tap "Enter balance" and type in for example "100" (this depends on the size of the internet data you bought - 100 would mean 100MB provided MB is selected under "Units")
  7. Tap the white tick with a while circle to save the changes
  8. Tap to move "Restrict background data usage" slider-bar at the far right (a red shading appears when it is moved and the "Off" turns to "On"
  9. Tap "When nearing my limit" and select "Always

You can also tap Automatic under "Browsing data savings' and set it to Standard as well if you like.

You are done now - applications should then on transmit data when in use or told to do so. Please ask any question you may have on this from this very Q&A site.

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